DT and Mark Goldbridge Are Having A Social Media War For The Ages

Yes last night’s game didn’t go according to plan. Yes it was painful seeing two of our most important defenders go off injured and yes it was extremely f*cking embarrassing seeing Jesse Lingard moonwalk his way across the Emirates pitch after putting United 2-0 up.

But, with every cloud comes a silver lining and it has been presented to us by the social media war that is currently raging between AFTV’s own DT and United Stand frontman Mark Goldbridge.

The pair have engaged in social media spats before via Youtube and Twitter and also came to blows during AFTV FC’s clash with United Stand in Blud Bruvvas.

And the rivalry was reignited last night when DT took umbrage with Goldbridge’s taunts during one of his typically impassioned post-match rants.

Naturally, Goldbridge wasn’t going to let this pass without a rebuttal and quickly took to Twitter to have his say on ‘Mr Deep Heat’ as he has rechristened DT.

The account @GoldbridgeWorld also posted a snippet of DT’s rant claiming that Goldbridge had ‘got to’ the AFTV regular, as can be seen below.

How will DT respond and how far will this rivalry go? We can’t wait to see what’s next.