Supercomputer predicts the remainder of Arsenal’s season!

A Supercomputer created by the guys over at Kroon Casino has calculated the remainder of the Premier League season by simulating all potential possibilities 10,000 times.

“We used teams’ recent performances to simulate the results of remaining fixtures 10,000 times, finding the most likely of all potential outcomes. We compared our predictions halfway into the season with predictions we made on day one, to see how each team’s results so far have affected their chances of success or failure.”

Arsenal currently sit three points off the top four but according to the supercomputer they look set to miss out on the lucrative Champions League spots.

Although the supercomputer calculated that Arsenal will miss out the Champions League they are a lot more likely to qualify than Manchester United.

“We predict Man United will remain 6th, two points behind Arsenal in 5th. Man United have an 11% chance of qualifying for the Champions League, while Arsenal have a 17% chance.”

Arsenal’s chances of qualifying for the Champions League reduced after their results from the first half the season. Before a ball was kicked Arsenal had a 33% chance of qualifying but now just 17%.

Unfortunately, our neighbours Spurs finish third in the Champions League spots and Liverpool finally win the title. Will we ever hear the end of it? We’re praying for some kind of error!

Would you be happy with a 5th place finish ahead of Manchester United in Unai Emery’s first season?