LA Rams Chief Hopes To Host Arsenal Games and CL Final In The US

LA Rams’ chief operating officer Kevin Demoff has hinted at the possibility that Arsenal could be playing their pre-season games in the $5 billion NFL stadium in Los Angeles.

Speaking to Sky Sports Demoff highlighted his hopes for the stadium to potentially host the European Champions League final in the future and potentially seen Arsenal compete in it.

He said: “I think we could absolutely see Arsenal play a pre-season game here. Maybe we will try and get a Champions League final, and hopefully we can see Arsenal in that, but that may be asking a little bit much.

“But we will definitely make sure Arsenal play some of their friendlies in the US in this building long term.”

The stadium is set to host the Super Bowl in three years time as well as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic games in 2028.

Last summer it was announced that the Spanish La Liga was signing a 15-year-deal that meant a regular season fixture would be played on US soil, the time the competition would be played outside of Europe.

Could we see this happen with the Premier League and Arsenal potentially playing competitive fixtures in LA in Stan Kroenke’s new $5 billion stadium?