VAR Overturns Yellow Card, Player Returns From Tunnel Only To Get A Straight Red

Since its first induction VAR has caused plenty of confusion and disruption to the beautiful game but its most recent use in Poland is the most baffling yet.

In a heated game between Legia Warsaw vs Cracovia tempers blow and William Remy is sent off after receiving a second yellow card.

After reviewing the footage on the pitch-side screen the referee decides to call Remy back on to the pitch.

Remy walks back out from the dug out and on to the pitch thinking the decision has been overturned. But in fact the referee calls the player back on to give him a straight red after he notices a malicious stamp.

The decision was taken as a straight red carries a lengthier match ban than a double yellow so all the controversy wasn’t in vein.

After a lengthy stoppage VAR did come to the right conclusion and can only be a good thing for the game.

Will the Premier League suffer will the stoppage VAR will bring to the game in England?