Luis Suarez Reveals The Reason Why He Didn’t Join Arsenal

Luis Suarez had his sights set on Arsenal in 2013 after the club had bid £40 million plus a pound for the Uruguayan.

It was at the end of a sensational second season for Suarez at Liverpool in which he scored 30 goals for the Reds.

Suarez was set on joining the Gunners after Liverpool qualified for the Europa League again and Arsenal had secured Champions League football.

But it was a conversation with now Rangers Boss Steven Gerrard that twisted the Uruguayan’s arm into staying at Anfield.

Suarez said to Otro:

“I’m about to go to Arsenal, forcing myself to go, and Steven tells me ‘I promise that if you stay this year you’re going to take off and next year you’ll go to Bayern, Barcelona , Real Madrid or whichever one you want, but stay this year because you won’t be better off at Arsenal’.

“This was the last conversation I had with Gerrard at that moment and I told my agent that I had made my decision and I was staying.

Gerrard wasn’t too far wrong in his prediction of Suarez’s future at Barcelona.