Alexandre Lacazette Loves The Leaked Arsenal Away Shirt

As if we needed another reason to love Alexandre Lacazette, the free scoring Frenchman has delivered yet again by proving his love for leaked football kits which, as every self respecting football fan knows, are one of the top five things about modern football.

Last week, an image of a mocked up ‘bruised banana’ adidas away kit for the 2019/2020 season did the rounds on social media, generating a lot of attention from Gunners fans eager to spend their money on it.

And instagram user Gunnerballz went a step further by mocking up an illustration of Laca in the kit.


Laca liked the image so much he shared it with his 2.7 million followers on his instagram story.


If the former Lyon striker looks half as good in the kit in real life as he does in this illustration, we can’t wait to see him tormenting Premier League defences in the bruised banana next season.

(h/t the mirror)