About AFTV

AFTV (formerly known as ArsenalFanTV) is a football fan YouTube channel and website directed at Arsenal supporters. Based in England, the channel started in 2012. The channel includes fan interviews, previews and reviews of Arsenal players. We have interviewed past and current players including Olivier Giroud, Ian Wright and Thierry Henry.


The account was created on YouTube in October 2012, and was founded by former BBC reggae radio host Robbie Lyle. Robbie Lyle had worked as a surveyor before quitting his job to work on ArsenalFanTV full-time. He created the channel with Tao Weitzer, who helps to film and edit some of the channel’s videos. He also quit his job to pursue a career developing the  YouTube Channel.

Their first fan interviews were after Arsenal’s 5–2 win against local rivals Tottenham Hotspur. When asked by Vice on why he created the channel Lyle said “we’ve all had enough of the so-called pundits, most of whom aren’t even at the games. So I started my own channel to hear from the real fans, with real opinions. That was my aim with the site”. AFTV pioneered the concept of supporters led TV or “Fan TV” which has led to other club supporters creating similar channels on YouTube.

Since its creation, the channel has continued to provide viewers with fan interviews and content about Arsenal on social media. The rise of the channel has been helped by viral videos it has posted from fan interviews, with sharing their opinions about the club no matter how negative or positive  as well as consistently providing new forms of content outside of just interviewing fans after games. AFTV have since created another channel “AFTV Young Gunz” aimed at younger Arsenal fans and created their own football team “AFTV FC” composed of viewers and regulars on the channel.

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